Turas Press

In 2017, Liz set up the independent publishing house Turas Press.

Turas Press logoHer original intention was to publish her own work, but the idea very soon expanded to include publication of other writers’ work, both poetry and prose. Since early 2017, Turas Press has published twenty-three books by thirteen writers, with three more scheduled for  2024.

Turas Press books, including those by Liz, are for sale in the Turas Press online shop, and also in an ever-expanding network of independent bookshop throughout the country. Check out the Turas Press stockists. Liz is keen to support independent bookstores and the great work they do for local communities, so if you can’t find Liz’s books, or those by any of the other Turas Press writers in your local bookshop, do get in touch and she’ll contact the store. Or,   if you are an indie bookstore owner who’d be interested in taking some books, just get in touch with Turas Press.

Turas Press is a member of Publishing Ireland, the membership organisation for publishers throughout Ireland.